Snippets with love

Hi friends! Maybe you're wondering why I created this knowing that I don't really blog. A tumblr repost of my bestfriend inspired me to compile my work. Since I'm kinda missing the hectic schedule and since I've been taking a lot of pictures lately, maybe it's time to show my work to you. Weee. :)

Anthologia will be the seat of the snippets of my imagination. Because I don't want you to spend so much time reading and because I'm not really good in writing, my photos will do the work for us! 

PS: If you want to be a part of my compilation, just let me know. I would be more than happy to let others know how I see you! :)


2 lovenotes:

Gabo said...

ako gusto ko pa-feature sa iyo! hahahahaha let me see how you see me! hiihihihihihihi :D

Tessa said...

Woooow sige!!! <3

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